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  • Informamos que, devido à realização da «II Corrida Nocturna do Planeta», torna-se necessário a alteração do nosso percurso habitual no próximo dia 28 d...

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  • 26 March 2015
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  • Informamos que, devido à realização de uma prova de atletismo (I Maratona/Mini Maratona do Funchal), torna-se necessário a alteração do nosso percurso hab...

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  • 20 February 2015
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  • Informamos que no âmbito da Festa de Fim de Ano torna-se necessário proceder as seguintes alterações de percurso entre as 20h00 do dia 31 de Dezembro até ...

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  • 29 December 2014

Welcome to EACL

Since 1934, the Automobile Company of Caniço, Ltd has evolved along with Caniço in a perfect bond, increasing its fleet, expanding and multiplying its routes, as well as increasing the number and frequency of trips. Our company is imbued with one mission: to faithfully serve the inhabitants of Caniço by providing them a public transport service.

The satisfaction of our clients is and has always been our major concern. That is why we are constantly aware of the demands that urban and road development dictate throughout the years.

The concern for quality and comfort that we offer to our clients has been always present. In that sense, our company makes an effort to invest in the fleet renewal annually in order to maintain the average age of the vehicles (around 10 years) and improve their interior in what finishing conditions are concerned (air conditioning, introduction of electronic displays and upholstery fabric, among others).

Security is also one of our main priorities. Vehicles are submitted to periodic inspections and the company has its own facilities for maintenance in Caniço. Our company is licensed and authorized to provide special transport for children thanks to the qualified human resources we have to offer.

Timetables and Routes


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